XLII Symposium of the ISDP
November 3-5, 2023

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Dubai, UAE
Dr. Reem Bahtimi, Dr. Faiza Al Ali, Organizers

27th Joint Meeting of the ISDP
March 6-7, 2024
The Westgate Hotel, San Diego, California, USA
Pamela Puig, ISDP Manager
Paula Lanier, ISDP Event Planner

XLIII Symposium of the ISDP
September 5-7,2024
Queenstown, New Zealand

Dr. Michael Hitchcock, Dr. Ben Tallon, Organizers


XLI Symposium of the ISDP (rescheduled)
2025 Cape Town, South Africa
Dr. Wayne Grayson, Organizer

XLIV Symposium of the ISDP
Dr. Joyce S.S. Lee, Organizer